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Children's Braces in Centennial, CO

Investing in braces for your children at an early age positively impacts their dental health in the future. Crooked or overcrowded teeth are not only more difficult to clean, but they also impact your child's day to day functions, such as speaking and chewing. At Advanced Orthodontics, we provide the braces for children they need for a healthy, happy smile. In our more than 25 years of experience, we have discovered the orthodontic treatments that are best suited for children, allowing us to custom-tailor our services to both the age and individual needs of your child.

By seven years old, a child's permanent molars and incisors have come in. This is when we are able to begin the process of developing plans for kid's braces. There are a variety of different approaches we take to children's braces in Centennial, CO. We carry all of the following dental braces to make sure to provide your child with the right option for them:

Young Boy with Braces in Centennial, CO

Durable & Easy Braces for Children

When it comes to getting braces for your family, the most important things to keep in mind are ease of maintenance and durability. The more fragile materials used for braces, such as ceramic, are difficult for younger children to take care of, which results in them frequently breaking and needing repairs. We take into account our patients' ages when determining the best course of action. Braces for teens that are a little older, for instance, are more often made from the less durable, less noticeable materials, whereas young children require metal braces that endure childhood better. Whatever your child needs, we have the experiences necessary to expertly determine the best approach to teeth correction.

When you start considering investment in braces for your child, let us help you make the right decision. The first appointment involves X-rays and full dental exam in order to assess your child's requirements. We understand that not all children enjoy seeing the dentist. Rest assured that with our experience in children's braces, we know exactly how to give them the compassionate, pain-free care they need for a positive experience. Our office is the ideal space for family members of all ages to get the custom-tailored, affordable solution to crooked teeth necessary for a confident smile that lasts for years.

Contact us for a customized solution for your child's braces. We are proud to serve Centennial, Aurora, and Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding area.