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Clear Braces in Centennial, CO

Are you among the millions of Americans suffering from issues of overcrowding? If you think traditional metal braces are your only option for solving your alignment problems, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Before taking the plunge and wearing metal braces for two or three years, come to Advanced Orthodontics for the most effective clear braces in Centennial, CO. Our fully qualified orthodontists are able to determine if you are a suitable candidate for see-through braces. These plastic aligners are near invisible when properly fitted to your mouth, allowing you to smile with confidence while still straightening your teeth with the same effectivity of traditional braces. We also carry the Invisalign brand for your convenience.

Advances in orthodontic technology have allowed for the accurate fabrication of braces, allowing for a perfect fit. Ceramic braces are a form of traditional braces that blend in with your teeth color and irritate the gums less than traditional braces. Considered to be a happy medium between traditional braces and Invisalign, most people will never notice you even have braces to begin with.

The Advantages of See-through Braces

The biggest, most well-known benefit of this popular alternative is that they are practically invisible. With an almost unnoticeable appearance, they are a preferred system to correct bite problems, gaps in teeth, and general misalignment. Traditional forms of metal braces are made with metal brackets that an orthodontist bonds to the teeth. Invisible braces are similar in that they have the same brackets, however instead of metal, they are made from the same clear ceramic material that is frequently used for tooth-colored fillings.

Since the brackets are the same color as your teeth, even family members have to look closely to notice them. Ceramics likewise have the same metal wires, however these too are made from a clear material, allowing them to hide in plain sight. Although they are slightly more expensive than their metal counterparts, the increased subtlety is well worth the price. Furthermore, our office works with all major insurances to get you the clear aligners that are right for you.

Clear Braces in Centennial, CO

Ceramic Braces Transform Your Smile

Achieve the exact same pristine results of conventional metal braces without spending years with them in your mouth. Ceramics give you the results you desire, straightening teeth quickly and effectively. Don't be afraid to look back at photos of the time when you needed braces. These hardly noticeable aligners give you the perfect smile you deserve without messing up your look in the meantime.

Contact us today to see if ceramic braces are right for correcting your smile. We are proud to serve Centennial, Aurora, and Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding area.